The LIS mission is to provide an environment in which all Lancerians will become lifelong learners, who are responsible, disciplined, and ethical citizens of the world. Lancerians are understanding and respectful towards people of all races and cultures

LIS offers opportunities for a vast range of sports through its world-class facilities. The school is built around a beautifully maintained field for football, cricket and hockey. Behind the school buildings lie the tennis, badminton and the basketball courts.

Our indoor fitness and sports stadium has marked itself as one of the most advanced in the country. There is something for everyone. So make the most of it, get involved, get active and have fun.

Sporting facilities include:

Þ   Two multipurpose Sports Halls and 2 dance studios

Þ   2 Squash courts

Þ   Boxing Ring

Þ   Studio cycling facilities

Þ   4 lane swimming pool

Þ   Handball Alley

Þ   Changing facilities for indoor and outdoor sports

Þ   Tennis court

Þ   A synthetic basketball court

Þ   Football Pitch

Þ   Ice Skating Rink

Þ   Boxing ring

Þ   Golf simulators

Þ   100 Meter Shooting Studio

Þ   Athletic Track and Field


Some of the Sports on offer are:

-       Aerobics

-       Archery

-       Athletics

-       Badminton

-       Baseball

-       Basketball

-       Badminton

-       Camping

-       Cricket

-       Fencing

-       Football

-       Golf

-       Gymnastics

-       Handball

-       Hockey

-       Judo

-       Pool &Snooker

-       Shooting

-       Skating

-       Squash

-       Swimming

-       Trekking

-       Table Tennis

-       Tennis

-       Tae Kwon Do

-       Volleyball

All the sports are supported by excellent coaches, many of whom have represented their State or the Country.

The LIS Physical Education & Sports Department believes that the unique learning opportunities of physical education should allow all students to build acquire the knowledge, skills, positive attitude and personality. This will enhance the student’s quality of life through active learning which values physical activity as an essential component.


· To identify the needs of the individual pupil and provide a challenging, stimulating and innovative learning environment within and beyond the P.E. curriculum.

· To provide a supportive learning environment, which is low in stress and high in challenge.

· To encourage and develop quality and excellence using appropriately set targets which realize the student’s potential to the fullest.

· To help students develop their personal qualities like discipline, leadership and sportsmanship to enable them to maximize their sporting potential and be transferable to other areas of their education and life.

· To provide appropriate enrichment activities that develops the pupil’s experience and knowledge of physical activity.

P.E. Philosophy

The students are encouraged and motivated to take up sports and physical activities and are trained by qualified experts. In addition we ensure that students not only reap the benefits of exercise in their formatives years but also have lots of fun in doing so.

In keeping with the philosophy, the goals of the program reflect the three areas of human development: the psychomotor, the cognitive and the effective. Combined, these goals with highest interest of Lancers International School’s P.E. department will strive to focus on inclusive, well balanced high quality physical education program for the students.

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LIS believes in a holistic development of learners. Learners are encouraged not only to excel in academics but also explore their hidden talents. On such platform is provided to them through School's Annual Production. The production " What You See Is Not What It Is " was a musical play adapted from C.S Lewis' Chronicles of 'Narnia' and William Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'.

Students of all ages can apply to LIS. To know more about the admissions process please visit the school office or download the school prospectus.
At LIS we are committed to providing the highest standard of boarding life, with a team of staff who ensures the welfare of each child.
The School offers a variety of challenging activities through out the year which are an integral part of the school philosophy.
LIS is an international school which is committed to be at the leader of the educational process in the twenty- first century.
Applications are open for the Summer Camp in 2016. For details please get in touch with the admissions team.
Provides an excellent opportunity to know more about our student body and their work.