The LIS mission is to provide an environment in which all Lancerians will become lifelong learners, who are responsible, disciplined, and ethical citizens of the world. Lancerians are understanding and respectful towards people of all races and cultures
Language Learning

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language is offered in the mainstream for Foundation to Kindergarten and the classroom teacher conducts it. We believe that students are better off academically and socially when they are not separated from others. Our mainstream programme provides our students maximum opportunities to use language in meaningful contexts, particularly in their daily interactions with fellow students.

Students who have not reached a level of English language proficiency are provided support. This pull-out English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is offered for Grades 1 – 5 students. An EAL Teacher provides a support curriculum for these children so they can attain the language proficiency necessary for learning.

In support of the EAL programme, the school undertakes to provide ongoing professional development for teachers in the field of ESL strategies and techniques appropriate for mainstream classroom settings.


Mother Tongue Development

Lancers International School strongly encourages the use of mother tongue. We actively support the development of the mother tongue language of our students, as it is important for maintaining cultural identity and emotional stability.

The maintenance of each student’s mother tongue lays the foundation of linguistic understanding upon which second and further language learning takes place. Children learn a second language more quickly and effectively if they maintain and develop their proficiency in their mother tongue. The level of development of a child’s mother tongue is a strong predictor of their second language development (Jim Cummins). When children are able to develop their mother tongue vocabulary and concepts, they come to school well-prepared to learn and succeed educationally.

The following measures are in place to support mother tongue development: 

· Our Primary Years Programme library undertakes to include literature in a range of languages representative of the school population.

· Opportunities are provided for students to make presentations, including story-telling and singing in their own language. One of the aims of such activities is to reinforce awareness that although these students may have difficulties using English, they are fluent in their native language. It is also a way of sharing culture and of making explicit the fact that language is a part of culture.


Additional Language

Lancers International School offers French and German additional languages to our upper elementary students, Grades 3 – 5.  This is a twice-a-week session where the children learn basic communication skills in the additional language that they choose.


·       The students choose between French and German languages

·       The students are not allowed to change their options and their original choice will apply until the end of the academic year







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Lancers International School strives to develop global citizens who make a difference to the world. LIS is authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB).


The curriculum is modeled with the student at the centre of the approach, guided by the learner profile and the Approaches to Teaching & Learning. The diploma programme has six subject areas which the students study during the two years along with the three core components.


Lancers International School is authorised to offer the Middle Years Programme. We are now an IB continuum school, with the authorisation for the PYP, MYP, DP.